Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Take Shelter

What stood out about “Take Shelter” for me were the incredible performances given by Michael Shannon and more importantly, Jessica Chastain. She has had such a large bulk of fantastic roles this past year and she has given her all in everything she has been in. This is her standout for the 2011 year even if she is more recognized for her hilarious job in “The Help.” I am still trying to understand exactly what this film was saying. The very end is what makes me raise the most questions. I thought the scene before the ending was great and I understood how this man had to face reality to keep his family together. I do not want to ruin anything but what does the final ending mean? Beware of spoilers to come but does this ending mean he has been right? Are these dreams no accident? Is he sort of the modern Noah? I guess I did not fully comprehend it or something and I need to find out what exactly “the storm” represents. Is it the fear of what is to come or is it all the struggles of life? I feel like this movie was very smartly made so I do not think anything is there on accident. I am still pondering the significance of the daughter being deaf because I think that was more than just something to get us to sympathize more. There is a reason for all of the little things like that. It was a very good movie experience with incredible acting and cinematography. I will definitely read more to try and understand what the different things mean but for right now this movie is a bit of a puzzle that I cannot seem to solve.

4 out of 5 Stars

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