Monday, April 23, 2012

Cabin In The Woods

It is not often that I spend $11.50 to go to the movie theater to see a horror film. The reason for this is mainly because most horror films suck. They all follow a familiar formula with teenagers heading out to a party or vacation site with plans of drinking and having reckless fun but then things do not go the way they are planned. The fun is ruined by either zombies, murderers, a curse, or whatever. "Cabin In The Woods" follows this familiar formula but then flips it upside down. I do not want to reveal anything but I promise that you will not see it coming. Sure, the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. What horror flick isn't? There is not a single horror film that does not rest on a ridiculous concept. This film is crazy like all the others. The difference between this horror film and most is that this one is smart. It will be funny and enjoyable for your "average Joe" looking for a good scare and also fun for a fan upset with recent horror films that have been waiting for something better. This movie is not great but it gets major points for the guts shown by its directors. It does not follow the rules that recent horror films have set up where you can almost predict the ending and where the climax will take place. It is a bit of a head scratch-er, without being to hard for the average horror fan to understand.

3 out of 5 Stars

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