Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Bank Job

Starting out slow and almost pornographic, "The Bank Job" picks up its pace and  become a quite enjoyable thrill ride. Statham does his usual thing, pretty much the same character as "Snatch" and "The Transporter." This film has more story to it, more depth. It engrosses you partly because of the fact that this is a true story, at least to a degree, this actually happened. It makes the film that much more entertaining with all the insane trickery and covert operations to know it is real. This is a heist film done right. The characters are likable and the action doesn't end after the robbery but more or less begins. Things get fun when the robbery is over. I liked the film a lot a just a fun movie to enjoy. The cast is strong and does well and the director knows how to do what he wants to do. A great film for a bunch of guys who want to watch a good heist movie. The film would get a higher rating but just like most of these films it really is not that deep or emotional. The script is clever but at the beginning it drags.

3 out of 5 Stars

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