Saturday, December 31, 2011


Martin Scorsese takes us on a journey that never lets up and entertains us the entire time. I felt like I was eight years old again watching the most amazing 3D cinematography since "Avatar" and by seeing a children's story lead and turn into a homage for the birth of film and to the great director,  Georges Méliès. I think this film will go on to inspire children to become interested in classic film, rather then some of the trash released today that brain washes people. It may surprise you but there are people who thought movies like "The Box" and "Superbabies" were good thought provoking films. The cinema has so much more to offer and Martin Scorsese is one of the people who always produces quality film. "Hugo" has a great little charm to it and it has huge heart. I was swept away into the everyday lives of these two children who are just looking to discover. They are trying to "unlock the secret." Asa Butterfield and Chloe Moretz are fantastic as the two young leads. Moretz's character is almost like a new version of Hermione Granger from the first Harry Potter film. She is young and bright and eager to learn more. I identify with these children. I am a huge movie watcher and as they look and learn about early film and they discover the secret of Hugo's father and the automaton I find myself there. me, watching movies and learning and that joy you get by delving deep into movies. I loved this movie and yes, it made me cry. Martin Scorsese the master of gangster films and violence has come out with a children's movie that made me cry. This is why we go to the movies, this film right here explains it all. It is funny that the two great kids films from this year have in fact been about making movies. This film and "Super 8," it is hard for me to decide which is better.

5 out of 5 Stars

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