Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Observe & Report

Another gross and hilarious comedy up for my review. "Observe & Report" starring Seth Rogen as a mall cop who wants to be legit. His big case at hand is a streaker, who flashed the hot girl at the salon. Normally Rogen plays a likable, high idiot. In this one he is really just a jerk. He is not a nice guy he is just really rude and mean to everyone. There are parts of the movie that I found hilarious but also a few full 5 minute instances that are not funny at all and the jokes fall flat. I can see the directors leaving all of it in laughing hilariously thinking it is all funny when really it is not and they need the length to fill the standard hour and a half length which it does not make. Particularly all the scenes with Michael Pena ("Crash") who really is a good actor are not funny. His whole character is kind of stupid. I feel like they casted him thinking he would be funny but he wasn't and they paid this A-lister to co-star in their film. Rogen is funny in the way he always has been but that is what everyone is paying for and expecting to see and Ray Liotta from "Goodfellas" and "Blow" does a good job, as does Anna Farris. I must say Celia Weston is the best by far. This is definitely a movie for older guys not like Kevin James' "Mall Cop" which was released the same year. This movie really did make me laugh and I have never been so surprised by a comedies ending.

3 out of 5 Stars

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