Sunday, December 25, 2011


This incredible true story of the famous horse that broke all the records is truly captivating and inspirational. Disney does a good job in this movie by not making it feel like a Disney film. Diane Lane is what keeps this movie going by embodying her character and captivating her audience, just as she does in the more adult "Unfaithful." The film keeps everyone interested by its great story telling. Everyone knows how the film will end but because of our interest in all the characters and their emotions we stay impacted by the picture. The film makes Secretariat a character in the film itself, giving the horse emotion and feeling that probably was not truly there still makes for an interesting, fun, and kid-friendly story. A great family film to enjoy with your young children that exemplifies good values about never giving up no matter what anyone says that you cannot do. Randall Wallace directs his best film yet after a forgettable war flick, "We Were Soldiers" and an absolutely awful take on "The Man In The Iron Mask."

4 out of 5 Stars

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