Monday, November 7, 2011

Fatal Attraction

If you read my review for the film "Unfaithful" from a few weeks back then you knew that I liked that movie very much and that i was excited to go back and check out other Adrian Lyne films to see if they are any good. I did that here watching "Fatal Attraction" last night a film which has developed a lot of pop culture popularity and generated a lot of buzz at its release. The film was the second highest grossing film of 1987, after "Three Men and a Baby" and was nominated for 6 Academy Awards. The film is very sexy which is true of every Lyne film, this one being about a man who has a weekend affair with an apparent normal and reasonable woman while his wife and child are gone. When he tries to break it off the woman just will not let him go and things get heated and escalate as he tries to keep a hold on his loving family without anyone finding out about the incident. The movie is pretty well made with intense and fabulous performances all around from Michael Dougless and especially Glenn Close as the now iconic, "Alex." She is what makes this film. This is not a perfect film, the script is not perfect, it gets a bit ridiculous, and there is a very noticeable continuity issue that I think most men will notice but as far as entertaining thrillers go this is one of the best. It is just a fun flick but it is done with perfection in its area. The movie is not trying to be a critical phenomenon it is trying to entertain audiences and keep them gripped and at the edge of their seat. This film does just that. In some ways it is a not as raunchy, but better version of "Basic Instinct." It has had huge influence over the years in pop culture from Close's iconic whit dress to a phrase popular now in Britain, "bunny boiler." The movie is just good fun. It isn't deep its just fun to be entertained. I still look forward to seeing other Adrian Lyne films including one coming up in the future known now as "Back Roads" as he has proved to be a stylistic, gutsy, and entertaining filmmaker.

4 out of 5 Stars

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