Monday, November 21, 2011

The Mist (Frank Darabont Summary)

I just recently watched "The Mist" directed by Frank Darabont adapted from the Stephen King novella. It is a sort of weird and different horror story where a father takes his son casually to go get the groceries at their local grocer in Maine. A mist surrounds the whole place and a man comes out of it claiming that, "there is something in the mist." It is a unique idea and brings the question up of what you would actually do if something crazy like this happened. The people in the grocery store are ignorant at first, however when tentacles coming from nowhere start killing people they sing a different tune. I had a lot of problems with this movie while watching it. The acting comes across cheesy and unbelievable at times, especially because of the unbelievable setting they are put in. The seemingly casual and very violent horror flick takes an unusual turn as it goes on to explore themes from "Lord of The Flies" in how without a society people will do whatever it takes to survive and follow anyone who takes leadership. As a Christian, I had a problem with the film. They had to make a character, played by Marcia Gay Harden, who is an absolutely insane "Christian" woman. She starts preaching about how this is the end times and that God's wrath is coming to destroy everyone. My main issue with it is that she says a few things that are correct and then goes on to say things that are completely unbiblical and ridiculous. She is portrayed as the crazy woman and all of the other non christians are the normal ones. She eventually ends up being a leader, leading people astray saying that this is the apocalypse and that she has direct contact with God and finally that they need to sacrifice people to the beast outside to atone for their sins. Jesus died for our sins no person or child needs to be sacrificed. I hate the image of Christians Hollywood makes out of us. Are there a few wacko Christians? Yes, there are but not to this extent and let me tell you I am not the one who judges but they are probably not Christians. Besides this point the movie does get even more crazy and the most talked about thing is the shocker ending different from the novella. I thought that the ending was clever, unique, and smart but also completely unfulfilling.   After you watch this movie please ask yourself, What meaning or point is the director trying to make? I found it almost sick. First off it is a little ridiculous because a stupid and retarded decision is made so quickly and as an audience member I am sitting in my seat baffled. The movie has some smart things about it but ultimately falls short especially in comparison to Darabont's other films. Another random thing thing that bothered me is who in the world calls it mist? Everyone in the movie is like "Oh my God, the mist." Nobody in the movie ever calls it fog. Thats just one of the many things that made the movie seem fake.

2.5 out of 5 Stars

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The Shawshank Redemption------5 Stars (Top 100 List)
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The Mist--------------------------------2.5 Stars

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