Monday, November 21, 2011

Indecent Proposal

Another sexy and stylist film from Adriane Lyne that I specifically watched because of how much I enjoyed his newest picture "Unfaithful" that i reviewed a few weeks back. This film has gotten less critical acclaim, some of it being negative, then Lynes' other work. I personally, however, liked this more then his blockbuster hit "Fatal Attraction" and thought it dealt more with real emotional struggle rather then some cheap thrills. The movie stars Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore, at her sexiest, and also Robert Redford. Harrelson and Moore play the married couple who have been sweethearts since high school and have had a mostly happy marriage. They run low on money and will have to score fast to be able to keep the property they have been working on to sell. They go to Vegas where they are met by Redford's character who offers the couple one million big ones for one night. The couple's initial reaction is a strong no that quickly changes and leads to more things. The movie has an interesting premise with some extremely fantastic acting. At moments the movie seems unreal because lets be honest, this situation is near impossible, but the movie ends up dealing with real emotion and shows how awful infidelity is and can be. The struggles that involve with giving up someone you love to make their lives "better" or happy" can and will lead to consequences. I liked the movie a lot because of how well made it is and how great Moore is. The movie is sexy but stays away from some of the pointless nudity that Lyne puts in his other films. It is enjoyable and a bit of struggle but you eventually persevere through it just like a relationship should be, staying with it through the hard times to keep it together. With all of its unchristian morals in it, it sort of ends with a nice Christian moral message.

4 out of 5 Stars

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