Monday, November 7, 2011


I watched this with a few friends and I had a good time getting to hang with them but this movie absolutely sucked. It is the worst film to come out this year that I have seen. The film is about a mother, father, and daughter held hostage in their own house to be robbed by this people for their diamonds. The plot then immediately gets super confusing whilst at the same time being utterly stupid. The acting sucks and pretty much every bit of dialogue spoken in the film is laughable. This is another crappy thriller from Joel Schumacher who is at the point where he needs to just stop making movies. He has no style, no depth for characters and what is funny about it is that he thinks he does. I was watching interviews of him hyping up this film talking about twists and great acting and I'm like "Are you serious." Either he is lying and knows his movie sucks or he is completely oblivious. The film holds an awful 13% on rotten tomatoes which, by the way, is the worst of the worst. "Trespass" however, holds on record being the fastest movie of all time to go from the theaters to DVD. This is not a record you want. It was such a huge flop theaters were kicking it out 8 days after release and the film only made a small amount over $24,000 with its 35 Million dollar budget. Mega losses here for producers and another disappointment from Schumacher. It is amazing how A-listers like Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman, who was nominated for an academy award last year, can appear in such crappy movies.

0 out of 5 Stars

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