Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Earth

This film was entered into Sundance a year ago and received some support there, I read about it on Roger Ebert's blog as he listed it as his number 20, best of the year. I loved the ideas this film gave. It really made you think..what if? If there was another you out there, what would you do? What would you think? This film is disguised as a sci-fi flick but it really is a character study. It focuses on two people who are both very lost and very sorry, if not for what they did for how things went. This raises the question of what you would do if you had another chance. The cinematography is beautiful, the acting completely honest and true, and the style Mike Cahill brings to this film is brilliant. Many people will read about this movie and compare it to "Melancholia" but it is totally different. It raises different questions, it focuses on alternative things, and it is ultimately a whole lot better. I loved this movie and I think a lot of people should check it out. I find it hard to believe anyone could watch this without seeing themselves and thinking of their regrets and be moved. This movie is beautiful, the music is great, and the ending is awesome.

5 out of 5 Stars

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