Monday, January 30, 2012

The Artist

Before I start, I need to apologize. I, unfortunately, have not written in awhile. I have also looked back on some past writing and lets be honest, it sucks. I have so many ideas I just want to throw out there and I do not organize or structure any of my thought into sentences and I am sorry. However, I do hope you enjoy my insights and opinions. Now, the reason I have not been blogging is because since my last review all I have been doing is actually watching. I just never stopped to write. Most of the films I have been viewing have been in preparation for the Oscars, which are coming soon and I am excited. I will now put out a string of reviews for films from this year starting with this one. This is almost the sure winner for "Best Picture." Its only competitor is "The Descendants," which was great. This is better. "The Artist" is a silent film and in this movie it is golden. It throws you back into old times, literally you feel like you are a patron in one of those old silent theaters. I absolutely loved this. I do not think I have ever smiled at a movie more. it is just sheer pleasure and enjoyment that you get from this film. It made me feel...happy. I hesitate to put this film as my number one favorite film of the year, only because "Drive" is so awesome, spectacular, and fantastic. This captured my heart and made it melt. It contains one of the best musical scores of the year, two great new stars, and a little dog. The dog should have gotten a nomination for "Best Supporting Actor." Everything about this film is great, the acting, directing, dancing, cinematography, story, and no talking. I never thought I could be captured so much by a non speaking film, but I was. This film will surely win the top prize at the coveted Academy Awards and it does not bother me at all. A contender for my "Top 100 Films of All Time."

5 out of 5 Stars

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