Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ordinary People

This was Robert Redford's directorial debut and the Best Picture winner for 1980. Despite it's to the point script and a few awkward moments this is a smart truly moving film. It is almost impossible to watch this family and not see some of the same struggles in your own but to a lesser degree and in different ways. This is a movie about bad things happening to ordinary people and the consequences that come out of these bad things. I shed a few tears for the tragedy of how sometimes things don't work out even when they should or could have in a different scenario. The acting is truly terrific and the story moving. Donald Sutherland is a particular standout portraying the loving father who just wants to work things out but cannot seem to find a way. I related with him especially as I did his son who feels like everything is closing in around him and just wants his mother to show love to him. He just needs to feel loved. A touching movie that all families should see when up for the conversations that will surely come afterwards.

5 out of 5 Stars

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