Thursday, January 12, 2012


An interesting and very weird film from director, Lars Von Trier. Who has now earned himself a reputation for weirdly, depressing, and dark films after "Dogville" and "Antichrist" among others. This film is a character study of Kristen Dunst's character who has just gotten married and the film starts at the beginning of the reception. She is extremely depressed and dissatisfied and we are never really given an explanation why. We might infer that it is because she sees lack in point to the whole thing because she knows the world is about to end in a few days because a huge planet known as Melancholia is approaching earth and will soon clash with it. This is not really explained however until after the wedding and it never explains her actions during the reception; which involve her leaving the party to take a bath and strolling around outside and having sex with a guy she does not even know shortly after refusing her new husband's advances. I guess the movie isn't really about what she does but is more about how she feels and the emotion that is there. The second half of the movie is better and makes more sense to me, whereas the wedding felt kind of fake and I was just sitting there saying; "Who does this under any circumstances!" The acting however; is good and to the point with Charlotte Gainsbourg being the standout in my opinion, not Kristen Dunst. The movie is definitely weird and I thought there was no point during the beginning but towards the end I started to understand and I definitely need to re-watch it and possibly re-review it. It has weird underlying themes throughout that are interesting but to me they are not explained very well. It is about the world ending and two different sister's reactions to it. A depressed one who is calm and a normal one who is anxious. I liked it but did not love like I thought I would but opinions will vary because some people think this is Von Trier's masterpiece. "Dogville" is still the best for me so far. "Melancholia" is still a great character study and one of the most unique films of the year.

3 out of 5 Stars

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