Monday, January 30, 2012

A Separation

A foreign film that brings you into the lives of its people, a people was as Americans are not very fond of. We see this film and realize these are actual people, they are as intricate and important as us, and they have problems just as big. The story is about an arguing couple with a young daughter whom they both love deeply and an issue when the father allegedly shoves a worker. The movie may be about people so far away and so culturally different from us however, we find them to be extremely relatable and similar. We can be so much like them, and them like us. The camera takes a fly on the wall view of these arguments and incidents. At times, we feel like the daughter watching are parents fight. The movie shows how awful divorce can turn out to be and how marriages and really everything can fall apart from misunderstanding and the lack of communication. This film is probably the realest movie to come out this year. It is simple, it is about a family and their struggles and takes us through it. You do not feel like you are watching a movie rather experiencing tragedy or at least witnessing it. This movie will almost definitely win the award for Best Foreign Language Film. If this did not win it would be an abomination and huge mistake. It is already a shame it is not nominated for the big prize over some of these other films. This movie all around is more deserving. The intensity of this film is throughout and never lets up. It is PG-13 but feels like an R rated film. There is nothing bad in it to make it R but the subject tackled and the realness of it is rare to a film with a PG-13 rating. This makes it even better, so more people can experience this masterpiece.

5 out of 5 Stars

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