Saturday, October 29, 2011

2001: A Space Odyssey

It took me way to long to finally sit down and watch this movie. I am a huge Kubrick fan loving his films, "A Clockwork Orange", "Paths Of Glory", and "The Shining." This movie trumps all of his others. I watched it once when I was ten years old on videocassette and I turned it off before anyone had even spoken in the movie at all, for the fear I would literally die of boredom. This time I had a totally different experience. I think I delayed watching it because of my first impression of it from when I was young and the knowledge that some critics share my small minded opinion from back then. I think that I can confidently declare that this is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. The entire picture just hits you and it is very surreal. It really got me on, I guess, a spiritual level. The movie is hard to understand, I still do not fully understand it but that is not the point. My yearning to read about it and get it more just ends with me appreciating it on a higher level. While watching this I found myself completely taken. I completely forgot about all the other things in my life and was just involved in this movie. It is like a beautiful, magnificent painting or an incredible symphony that just entrances you. It isn't really about the story however, the story that is there is incredible and packed with symbolism just waiting to be uncovered. There is so much more to this movie then meets the eye but what does meet the eye is also really awesome. This movie came out nine years before the original "Star Wars." I repeat, NINE YEARS! The special effects are way ahead of its time and are done with much more tranquil-ant beauty then any other Sci-Fi flick that I have seen. This movie has the emotional power that this years, "The Tree of Life" was searching for, or trying to mimic. The effects and cinematography are absolutely astounding and literally breathtaking. I have never had an experience like this while watching a movie, it is just so unique. The film also breaks the rules. There are long hiatuses with absolutely no dialogue. There is actually no speaking until 25 minutes of the movie has already passed. You would think that you would get extremely bored but for some reason you do not. It is like examining many paintings in a museum but even better, it feels real. I could go on for forever about this movie. You will probably watch it and respond with, "What the heck is with the ending." I can't even fully explain it. I would try but I fear I would mess it up. You have to watch and experience it yourself and then read about it and try and understand it more. The movie is a phenomenon that has inspired multiple science fiction films, like 2009's "Moon," and ir will continue to do so. It completely took my breath away and I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to watch it if they think they are ready for it and if they commit to try and research and understand it afterwards. I also recommend that if you can, to watch this movie on blu-ray disc. For this film it makes almost all the difference in the world. This film puts Stanley Kubrick on a whole other level for me then what he was before even though I am obsessed also with "A Clockwork Orange" and could go on about that film, as well. I did not think that this movie could possibly be better, but it is. They both have incredibly high spots on my Top 100 List with "Clockwork" at number 22 and "2001" at 18. Prepare to be taken away by a film full of wonderment and a strange form of almost moveless excitement.

5 out of 5 Stars....Obviously

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