Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking Lives

This movie is yet another film that I purchased from FYE, not expecting too much from it but, it does star sexy and promising, Angelina Jolie and has a "Two Thumbs Up" quote on the front. The script is absolutely awful and when I say script I specifically refer to the dialogue. I quote, "This sucks! This totally sucks!" This quote should be the tag-line for the entire picture. The acting is not the worst acting in the world but it is pretty bad. Ethan Hawk plays a slightly abnormal version of his usual character and does poorly, The only person without bad acting is Jolie. She is the only one capable of taking the horrid script and making it somewhat realistic. She does "okay" just not awful like everyone else. The worst performance in the film is from Gena Rowlands. You will recognize her from other below average movies like "The Skeleton Key" and some better films like her performance as the aging Allie in "The Notebook." In this movie her dialogue is the absolute worst and is super cheesy. She just cannot pull it off. The movie still is somewhat intense. Despite all of this Angelina Jolie is still super hot. There are two main twists at the end that you can see coming from a mile away but it is still somewhat enjoyable. I would say the most well done scene in the movie would be the Opening Credits sequence which is unique and different. After this the movie just goes down hill. If you want to watch a Jolie film watch something better, "Beowulf," "Changeling," and "Salt" are all better options. "Changeling" being a deeper drama and the other two being more entertaining flicks.

2 out of 5 Stars

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