Monday, October 10, 2011

My Soul To Take

This is supposed to be a horror film, but the only thing horrible about it is how awful the movie really is. To start the script and story completely SUCK!! I say that with emphasis this is not how high schoolers talk. I would know I am one. This is also not how high schoolers act. We don't go around talking about a revolution on the bully and we don't get punched and just take it and say that felt good. Most of us at least the ones I talk to do not threaten women unless they give us a blowjob. Again, this is a crappy Wes Craven movie. I don't even have enough time or patience to write a crappy two or three sentences on the senseless, stupid plot. A movie reall sucks when the plot is nonexistent. It sucks even more if you are sitting there praying that it was. In most crappy movies like this I find refuge in laughing at how stupid it is and at times I did that but this movie had to take another step at offending anyone who is a Christian by putting this stupid annoying girl in the film wandering around like an idiot mumbling Bible verses and telling people they are going to hell and that the end is near. I am a Christian we do not act like this. It was a cheap stab at Christianity and to make matters worse it wasn't even done well. If you want to make fun of Christians do it right and I will laugh but this was just idiotic. The twist at the end is utterly ridiculous but still manages to be completely predictable and the long intense fight scene at the end I found myself checking the time and updating facebook to try and make it go faster. If there is any smar or clever thing in this movie at all it would be at the end the large cuts and slices in the back of the lead actors shirt forming the shape of angel wings, the signifficance being how he is frequently reffered to as being innocent or angel like but this somewhat smart symbolism only goes with the deformed plot. If you like stupid, brainless, idiotic, dumb, offensive, not even intense but still stupidly and unrealisticly gory movies, this is one for you.

0 out of 5 Stars

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