Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

Here I will post the Top 10 Movies of The 2010 year. It was a great year for movies. Now, I admit I did not see every single film from this year but I do believe I have seen enough to post this list. If there are any movies you think I have missed please comment and tell me to watch something you think should have made the cut. Two movies I have not yet seen from 2010 are "I Am Love" and "Somewhere" which I intend to watch soon and see if they make this list.

1. Inception
An absolutely mind bending, awesome film that I have watched multiple times and will continue to watch over and over again. One of the most ingenious films ever made and will be talked about for and debated over for decades to come.

2. Animal Kingdom
The best crime thriller of the year about a boy being stuck in the life of crime by his family. An emotional and impacting drama that will remain with you long after the end credits. How far will people go, to survive?

3. Blue Valentine
The best love story of the year about a relationship in the present and how it once was four years ago. Amazing performances from Gosling and Williams. Will leave you crying afterwards.

4. The Social Network
By far, the most critically acclaimed film of the year. It has been described as a movie that defines and "sums-up" the decade. David Fincher's film will take you through the story of the creation of Facebook. One of the most used things on the internet and something that has changed the way we live.

5. The Kings Speech
Definitely an Oscar prepped film but hey, it worked. An emotional story about a king with a stutter. He is needed to unite his country in their troubled time. Fantastic acting and a great story.

6. Black Swan
An intense, addicting, and smart thriller. The symbolism, acting, and art all combined together perfectly by Darren Aronofsky leaving you at the edge of your seat.

7. The Town
Similar to "Heat" but a great revamp of it. Awesome acting and directing from Ben Affleck. Twists and turns and just pure intensity. The most fun you'll have with a movie in 2010.

8. The Fighter
What  makes this great is the acting. Every supporting actor gives their absolute best. "F-word" after "F-word" after "F-word" but still a funny and emotionally touching story.

9. 127 Hours
Danny Boyle comes out with another great film loaded with a powerful performance from James Franco.
Never has a movie been so intense whilst only taking place at one single spot.

10. Kick-Ass
An absolutely fantastic and fun film. You care about the characters and you love them. A comedic masterpiece and just raunchy fun. Probably, the best super-hero flick I have ever seen.

I hope this list helps when looking back at the 2010 year to see what you missed.

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