Sunday, October 23, 2011


I absolutely loved this movie. The direction, the performances is all perfect. I was engrossed right when the movie opened with the reality of the subject. The casual suburban life that most of us live. The movie is about a woman who appears to be completely happy with her husband and child but something is missing. She yearns for some kind of adventure, I think. Diane Lane is fantastic in this movie and got an Academy Award nomination for her performance. She completely embodies her character. You will particularly notice her most talked about scene as she takes a train home after her first act of unfaithfulness. It was all done in just one take and then edited afterwards. The movie is full of style and sexiness all coming from director, Adrian Lyne who is famous for his movies about sexually charged characters and affairs. This is the first movie I have seen from him and I plan on seeing his other acclaimed films "Fatal Attraction" and "Flashdance." This movie just feels so real and really focuses on all the casual things that happen in life and how things would be different if just one thing did not happen. Towards the end the movie heads off in a different direction, how much will you fight for what you truly love. Richard Gere is also a standout in this movie. He could have been nominated also by just the silent look in his face. It is rare to find movies like this that seem so real, and the ending is perfect.

5 out of 5 Stars

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