Monday, October 10, 2011


Just got back from a short vacation visiting family in New Orleans, Louisiana where I stumbled upon with my Uncle Bob a Blockbuster with $2 DVDS and $4 Blu Rays. I left with ten more movies in my bag and have already watched most of them one of them being Shrink starring Kevin Spacey. This movie isn't really like American Beauty but you will definitely think of it when watching this. This movie is about a depressed man rather very famous shrink who is struggling in life with the recent death of his wife and starts to heal in a matter of ways by a pro bono case he has that is experiencing a similar situation. The movie is extremely well acted with many of those actors faces you recognize but cannot place a name, excluding Spacey and Robin Williams. The story centers all around the greed of Hollywoond and these people who would seem to have it all bu are still brutally unhappy. The film has its lulls as do most small independent films. I do love independent cinema but it seems recently that it has all been the same about depressed people using the same steadi-cam technique with lots of quiet moments and sadness. This movie does pretty well and you end up caring for most of the characters. It is not even close to being a bad movie but it is not that good either. There are some good things about it but it isn't a movie I left wanting to tell everyone to watch it. I bought this movie for two bucks and if its premise sounds interesting to you go ahead and buy it. Kevin does great as always in this Half Nelson like flick.

3 out of 5 Stars

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