Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

A good comedy with a 500 Days of Summer cleverness to it. Zack Galifinakas is great and this new recoginizable actor, Keir Gilchrist seems promising and does a fantastic job. You will only recognize him now as the gay son from the Shotime series United States of Tara. The movie is about a High Schooler, Craig who checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward because of his recent increase in depression and suicidal thoughts. The movie goes chronologicaly through his week there along with flashbacks and narrations of his thoughts as he befriends an older patient there and meets a girl he likes. I love the message in this film. It is about appreciating life and being excited about it. Craig learns that he is really blessed and not the worst of in the world and finds pleasure and comfort in helping others. The movie really is cute adults, teens, and parents will all enjoy it. Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are the people behind this movie. It is a different and much lighter tone then their previous film Half Nelson and I liked that film but I enjoyed this one much more and has a lot more replay value.

4 out of 5 Stars

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