Saturday, October 29, 2011


For some strange reason I kept delaying watching this movie. It has been sitting next to my bed to watch and for some reason it has never been the one I picked. It became a movie that I just need to watch because of all of its critical acclaim and I need to see it before I can officially publish my forever changing Top 100 List. Tis movie did earn a spot. It really is an amazing and sad musical. I find it weird calling it a musical because it does not feel like one. There is this great story about two people, in love that just can't get it all worked out. This story is broken in between with musical numbers at the Cabaret Liza Minnelli works at. All the numbers however, have to do with what is going on in her life and the story. The movie captures you with the performances and takes you to 30s Germany in the becoming of the Nazi party. This creates even more issues with what is going on. The numbers are great, the singing fantastic, the performances outstanding all around, astounding editing, and pure style from director Bob Fosse. This movie makes me think less of Chicago because of some similarities but the are both great musicals. I loved this movie you should definitely watch it. Despite its PG rating it is pretty mature so that is just a forewarning. The movie is currently number 75 on my Top 100 List but it could go up or down. If you enjoy musicals, especially classic ones you will love "Cabaret."

5 out of 5 Stars

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