Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Perfect Stranger

Ok, I got this movie for free because a friend of mine had two copies of it. He is not into movies nearly as much as I am and I gave him a life changing experience by showing him Pulp Fiction in his own movie theater in his basement. I took Perfect Strangers home with me and watched it that night. It stars Bruce Willis, Halle Berry, and that annoying nerdy guy in Avatar who is the bad anti-green government character. Halle Berry is normally a great actress but she has her ups and downs. Up being "Monster's Ball" and a down being "Catwoman." This movie is not that good but it is pretty intense and not so bad and stupid to the point you want to turn it off. The best time to watch this movie would be with a group of friends that like intense movies but are not really movie watchers. They will enjoy a crappy movie like "One Missed Call" and "Battle Los Angeles" and they will go to you and say that "Raging Bull" was boring and they thought "The Godfather" was overacted. This movie is like the mediator. It is stupid so your dumb friends will like it but you won't be gauging your eyes out during it. I am making this movie sound really bad but it really isn't. The acting is average and the script fake, however it has a great twist o one will guess and Halle Berry is super sexy. So watch it when a bunch of guys are over just looking to relax and have fun. If you see it at a movie store for 4 bucks or less it is a pretty good buy.

2.5 out of 5 Stars

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