Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Review, Julia

I was at blockbuster the other day and was lucky enough to find a bin full of pretty recent DVDs that were on sale for only 2 dollars. Among the movies i bought was Julia starring Tilda Swinton. Most people know her from The Chronicles of Narnia movies and her foreign hit from 2010 I Am Love, which I have yet to see. Julia came out in 2008 not marketed very widely. It is a great feature especially for this new up and coming director Erick Zonca. The film shows that he has a lot to offer and has a great sense of style and a gift at keeping you on the edge of your seat. The film is about an older however, attractive woman who does not have much of a life. She is an alcoholic and she gets wasted every night and has meaningless one night stands with sometimes married men. She realizes in a rare moment of soberness that her life is going nowhere and decides to take an opportunity of a lifetime. I am going to stop there because although me continuing would not "ruin" the movie since this is all in the beginning it takes away some of the shock value and twisty turnyness of this movie that I like so much. The movie works as a fantastic character study and an action film sort of with a "Taken" feel. It is better then Taken though. It takes these totally impossible situations and you believe them because of how well the movie is made. I loved this film however it is far from being a perfect film. Miss Swinton gives an amazing performance as does the supporting cast. The editing in the film is a standout as is the direction from Erick Zonca who I look foreword to seeing more films from in the future. Look for him at future Oscar ceremonies.

4 out of 5 Stars

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